From Grime to Shine: A Successful Taco Shop Polishing Job

Check out another successful polishing job by Exposed Design Group at a local taco shop. The acrylic surface was dirty and grimy before, so the Exposed crew went in and revived its sheen and color. This was an overnight job that was quick and efficient.

Job: Torchy’s Taco Shop

Contractor: Exposed Design Group

Scope of Work: Exposed was approached by Torchy’s about a slip hazard on their floor. When the Exposed crew went and looked at it, it was an old stain/acrylic sealer job. Exposed then proceeded to work on grinding all of the material and grime off of the floor after business hours. After grinding, they gave Torchy’s a high-end polish, achieving a gloss factor between 75 and 85 throughout the entire store – even on the edges.

Result: You can see from the above left picture that this job was a huge success. All the stains were remedied with uniform color and the light reflected in the floor is so evident thanks to a quality polish.


[INFOGRAPHIC] How to Polish Concrete with Husqvarna

After several requests for a step-by-step guide to polishing concrete with Husqvarna tooling, here it is. This 9 step concrete polishing process gives a general outline for which grits to use in each stage, the exact tool to use in each and best practices. Keep in mind however, that this is by no-means translatable to every concrete slab, it may vary, but it gives a solid starting point.

Also, in order to understand the speed requirements, it’s important to be familiar with Husqvarna’s Dual Drive Technology™ and specifically the functionality of Husqvarna floor grinder control panels, which have 2 speed controls (potentiometers). For an overview of Dual Drive Technology™, check out this blog post.

How to Polish with Husqvarna

For a complete catalog of Husqvarna grinders and tooling, visit our website. Please contact us with any questions you may have. And if you would like a customized infographic for you and your crew, please contact us and we will make it happen!

A Decorative Concrete Success at World of Concrete 2014

World of Concrete was a huge success this year! Our concrete slab came together really well with the help of our manufacturers and customers. It was a 5 day process to complete all the steps — applying the epoxy, laying the terrazzo, applying the overlay, grinding and polishing, applying intricate stencils and protecting and sealing the surface. With this said, we would love to give you insight on how we accomplished this feat. See the photo gallery below for the final result, and continue reading for more information on products used. Also, check out our YouTube channel for step-by-step videos.

Theme Inspiration

The Super Bowl/football theme for this year’s World of Concrete booth was the brain child of both Wendy Runyon-Ricker and her brother Jack Runyon – figureheads in the company, and creative ones at that. The idea initially stemmed from a general football field slab to the incorporation of Super Bowl team logos in the middle of the slab, then to the tailgates, and from there the featured customer hall of fame stories and booklet, all the signage, etc.

Products Used During Each Step of the Process

Epoxy Overlay:

Concrete Overlay:

Grinding and Polishing:


Protecting and Sealing:

Our Featured Artist: Floormap Stencil Designs

As mentioned, Floormap Stencil Designs did the Seahawks and Broncos stencils in the middle of our slab, and they did a fabulous job! Each stencil was three layers — making for an incredibly intricate pair of logo designs. Rachel Bruce is the artist who designed the custom stencils, and she was the one who actually applied them at World of Concrete.

It has been an exciting year for Floormaps as it enters its fifth year in the decorative concrete industry. It has tackled new products, such as vinyl stencils, as well as new surfaces i.e. polished wood floors, walls, ceilings, murals, banners and signs. New training courses will be issued quarterly to demonstrate the wealth of knowledge accumulated from hands on installations and experimentation. Floormaps is also proud to announce the opening of international sales to Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America.

Be sure to check out the photo gallery on our website as well, which has pictures from the whole event. Also, be sure to watch the videos on our YouTube channel. And, if you never saw the customers we featured in our hall of fame, find their stories here. We hope to see you next year!

Browning Chapman’s Exemplary Floors Emphasize the Importance of Concrete Maintenance

Without a proper maintenance plan and the adequate steps taken to ensure a polished surface, concrete is worn by time, stains and foot traffic. However, diligent measures can really go a long way. This next featured customer demonstrates how important it is to not only achieve a finished, polished look, but also the importance of maintaining it after the floor begins to lose its shine. Although the majority of these pictures were taken directly after the floors were initially polished, Browning Chapman also restores and breathes new life into dull floors.


Browning Chapman really has a lot of specialties, some of which are evidenced in the photos above. These specialties range from polished concrete to repair and maintenance. And as part of maintenance for its customers, a valuable service, Browning Chapman uses several Clarke products to keep floors looking as shiny as when they were first finished. You can see that this crew’s polished concrete is incredibly reflective, and it will remain so if maintained properly.

Browning Chapman at a glance…

Browning Chapman, LLC is a contracting firm headquartered in Anderson, Indiana. The company specializes in concrete restoration and maintenance work, coating removal, concrete floor prep, structural concrete repairs, epoxy injection work, masonry tuck-pointing and repairs, parking garage repairs and deck coatings, joint sealants, MMA coatings, epoxy coatings, epoxy reflector floors, polished and stained concrete floors, and terrazzo vitrification. Browning Chapman performs work throughout the Midwest on new and existing facilities in the institutional, industrial, retail, commercial, office and distribution warehouse facilities markets.

If you have questions about the products used for any of these jobs, the process, etc., please feel free to contact us or add to the comment section below. Also, please be sure to check out other impressive decorative concrete work in the customer highlights section.

Applied Flooring Gives Corporate Hangar an Aesthetic Concrete Makeover

Large industrial, commercial facilities are generally focused on the durability of their polished concrete flooring. However, aesthetics are important too, as was the case at the Dart Container Hangar. Applied Flooring, Inc. was tasked with redoing the floors in both the hangar’s main area and the corresponding office spaces. There were several challenges initially, but the crew easily overcame them and assuaged the Corporate Hangar’s fears by producing outstanding polished concrete floors throughout the facility.

Project Overview 

Dart Container initially wanted to polish the entire hangar for its corporate fleet. However, there was concern with Skydrol damaging the floor, so they ultimately decided to coat the floor with a Skydrol-resistant polymer.  As Dart Container’s concrete contractors, Applied Flooring chose a high build epoxy and polyurethane system from Protective Industrial Polymers.

Main Hangar Area 

The hangar portion was an engineered 10″ slab with double mat reinforcement 2-1/2″ from the surface.  There were no joints or control joints placed in the slab because of the concern of deflection from the weight of jets.  Prior to coating the slab, there were 2 to 3 random cracks that the Applied Flooring crews filled with epoxy filler.  There was also a strong concern about high vapor from the 10″ slab and a tight time frame for coating the floor.  Dart Container chose to have the Applied Flooring crews apply a coat of Protective Industrial Polymers VM-CS vapor, mitigating primer to help alleviate the vapor.  Prior to applying the PIP Hangar System Applied Flooring measured the Vapor Drive with Calcium Chloride Test Kits and found the levels to be less than 4 lbs.  The coating system was PIP 1200WR, PIP 1000 with a broadcast, PIP 1000 grouted to make it smooth, and then PIP 2000 with gloss grip or glass beads.

Office Space

The office portion of the hangar was integrally colored. Architectural saw cuts on 6′ grid patterns matched the angled walls in the space.  The floor was polished prior to wall erection, after the walls were up the joints were filled, and finally, the polish and burnishing steps were performed prior to vinyl base installation.

The Final Results

Everyone was very concerned about the floor coating systems’ impact on the aesthetic look of the Corporate Hangar. In the end however, everyone was thrilled with the look and durability of the new flooring systems. For more stories like this one, visit our customer feature page. And for questions or comments visit our contact us page or utilize the comment section below.

About Applied Flooring

Applied Flooring, Inc. has been repairing concrete floors since the early 1970s. The company thrives on developing long-term relationships with repeat customers. The epoxy flooring profession has seen tremendous advancements over the last 50 years and Applied Flooring has always been at the leading edge of the industry. Applied Flooring’s knowledge in concrete resurfacing is extensive with qualified technicians and well-trained applicators.

Rejuvenating JCPenney’s Floors to Polished Concrete Perfection

Retail stores receive a large amount of foot traffic, which inevitably means their concrete floors wear down and the quality of them diminishes over time, especially if not maintained properly. Such was the case at a JCPenney store in Madison, WI at the West Towne Mall. Thus, Hunter Advanced Concrete Polishing was tasked with rejuvenating the concrete floors to their former polished glory.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What They Did

First the Hunter ACP crew shaved the floor to rid it of the tile that was previously covering the surface. As evidenced in the slideshow, the concrete underneath was in really rough shape. After removing all the tile, epoxy was poured and spread, then sand was broadcast over top to rejection. The next day all the sand was swept off and RapidSet TRU was mixed with AmeriPolish integral color in a CS Unitec Hippo mixer and poured and spread using spiked shoes and a porcupine roller. The floor could be walked on after 4 hours, but it is ideal to wait until the next day before grinding and polishing. After polishing to at least an 800 grit, the floors were shiny enough to protect and seal (the final step). You can see the finished result at the end of the slideshow — it looks much better now!

What Products They Used

If you have additional questions or comments, please let us know by contacting one of our Runyon Surface Prep team members, or utilize the comment section below. And for more customer highlights, visit our featured stories page.

Kent Companies’ Metal Shake Floor Ensures Industrial Strength

Industrial warehouses undergo a substantial amount of wear and tear from heavy machinery, as one would expect. However, keeping factory and facility concrete floors polished and in pristine condition is crucial for efficient daily operation and ease of movement. Kent Companies is currently finishing up a job in a 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Grand Rapids, MI that aims to accomplish this very thing.

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The Unique Process

Since the floor in this manufacturing facility is meant to be durable and withstand heavy machinery, pallets, forklifts, etc. Kent Companies mixed aluminum aggregate into the concrete overlay, a process perfected with years and experience. Commonly known as metal shake, this floor is now restored with a polished concrete surface that can better withstand the tough rigors of industrial work. In addition to being stronger, the metal shake floor is open to the production area, which allows for easier turnover and movement through the production line and out the door. This office furniture manufacturing facility involved polishing all aisle ways throughout the plant.  Over 50,000 square feet of polished metal shake aisle ways are now in the facility.

Additional Measures

Kent Companies not only laid and polished metal shake concrete floors, but the crew also created control joints to better manage any cracking that may occur over time. And lastly, AmeriPolish densifier and guard were applied to protect and seal the floor from spillage and stains. The floor is dark already however, so stains will not be as noticeable.

If you are more interested in learning more about how this floor was completed, the products that were used, etc. please feel free to contact a member of the Runyon Surface Prep team, or comment below! For more project posts by Kent Companies, visit the customer highlights page.