Remove Residue Build-Up with 4 Proven Methods

Stoops Freightliner Mastic RemovalAre you working on the existing floor of an office, warehouse or department store? Old floor coverings leave behind surface residue such as glue, black mastic, rubber membranes, even thin-set materials and epoxy coatings that must be removed before you can revitalize the floor with a new overlay or polish.

Methods of Surface Preparation

Each floor brings with it a unique set of challenges based on a number of determining factors:

  • Condition of the floor
  • Type of surface residue
  • Concrete profile
  • Square footage of the job
  • Desired finished floor
  • Budget

After this initial assessment, contractors choose among several solutions for surface preparation, each with specific benefits and specialties for removing residue build-up. Below is an overview of the four most effective methods:

1. Grinding

  • Ideal for removing almost any coating or mastic, especially epoxy and glue
  • Ideal for large square footage
  • Best for purely polished concrete jobs
  • Achieves super smooth surface profile
  • More costly because of diamond technology
  • 3 tooling options available:
    • Conventional segments or metal-bonded diamonds remove brittle adhesives
    • Carbides remove tacky adhesives, leaving a smooth finish
    • PCDs (polycrystalline diamonds) are best for removing thicker residues or epoxy coatings

2. Shotblasting

  • Ideal for cleaning off thin coatings and paint
  • Ideal for large square footage
  • Best for jobs that first require a concrete overlay application
  • Can weaken a concrete surface or make it uneven
  • Moderate cost
  • Dust-free and dry
    • Accurate blast pattern
    • Wide abrasive selection

3. Shaving

  • Ideal for removing epoxy, mastics and paint
  • Ideal for a job that first requires a concrete overlay application
  • Best for uneven concrete, bumpy surface and to remove failed concrete overlays
  • Achieves moderately smooth surface profile
  • More costly because of diamond technology
  • Cuts deeper in one pass
    • Creating evenly spaced grooves for traction
    • Creating trenches or troughs
    • Leveling and flattening surface

4. Buffing with a Swing Machine

  • Ideal for removing glue and thin-set, floating easily over rough surfaces
  • Best for smaller square footage
  • Achieves a smoother surface profile
  • Most economical cost
  • 2 buffing options available:

Surface Prep Specialty

Nowadays, surface preparation is becoming a specialty among contractors in the concrete polishing business. To eliminate costs and procurement, work with the equipment you already own to deliver effective ways to prepare floors for new surfaces.

When you do need specific equipment, count on Runyon Surface Prep. We carry a full line of EDCO concrete floor removal surface scabblers, walk-behind, self-propelled floor surface scarifiers and accessories, in addition to HTC and Husqvarna grinders and tooling, Contec shavers and shotblasters, and Clarke swing machines.


Exposed Floor Design Repairs and Renews Brookshire’s Concrete Floors

How do you change out the floor in a grocery store that remains open for business? The easy answer: use the right tools for the job. Exposed Floor Design Group had to work the night shift at a Brookshire’s store in Texas from 11pm to 6am, which did not provide a lot of time to get work done, especially when allowing for curing. However, the crew managed well by following tried and true steps and by using highly trusted Metzger/McGuire products. You can see how well the store’s floors turned out in the gallery below.

Project: Brookshire’s Store in Kaufman, TX

Scope: Remove VCT, Repair Slab, Grind, Polish

Materials:  RS88, Rapid Refloor, ArmorHard, Pentra-Sil

The Process:

  1. First night: demo VCT and remove glue with first grind
  2. Second night: repair holes with Repid Refloor (color matched to the slab, “High Tea”) and polish up to 800’s
  3. Third night: move the racks between the areas completed night 1 and 2, demo, repair, polish and reset racks
  4. Fourth night: polish the whole floor throughout

The Stunning Results:

The customer was incredibly impressed by the Rapid Refloor product. They found it to be aesthetically better, as it can be color matched, in addition to being durable and smooth. The key to Rapid Refloor repairs is to remove dirt from spalls, square the edges and sand flush to the floor. Exposed uses Rapid Refloor in the same way for several of its customers.  When you have small dents, chips and dings on your floor, Rapid Refloor is a great solution!

For questions about this project, the process or the products, feel free to contact us or write in the comment section below! Also, be sure to find many more customer feature stories on our blog here.

Truly Elegant Decorative Concrete Designs Liven Up A Space

The decorative concrete industry is constantly innovating and pushing out new, creative designs, for both residential and commercial flooring. A colorful, patterned concrete surface not only creates a lasting impression, but it can set the tone in a space. This is the case for a recent job completed by Elegant Concrete Polishing in an elementary school in Connecticut. The bright colors and swirling shapes and curves evoke an energetic vibe throughout, as you can see in the images below.

Connecticut Elementary School Project

The pictures above are of the 17,000 square foot elementary school. The Elegant Concrete crew installed the polished concrete flooring using the AmeriPolish SureLock System. The slab was ground and polished from a 40 grit metal all the way up to a 1500 grit resin. The decorative flooring design was installed per the architectural layout, established with another firm that Elegant has built a solid relationship with. In order to accomplish such a colorful finished product, Elegant used 6 different colors from AmeriPolish in the initial overlay stage. Colors include: Patriot Blue, Turquoise, Forest Green, Green, Burnt Sienna and Sepia. After polishing the floors completely, Elegant protected them with SureLock Densifier and sealed them with SureLock Stain Shield.

Elementary School Concrete EdgesUsing Terrazzo to Create a Border

In another project Elegant completed recently, the crew installed CTS RapidSet TRU self-leveling overlay and then used a zinc terrazzo bar around the perimeter to act as a divider for the border. Elegant ground and polished the TRU after it was entirely laid and set. Then finally, the crew dyed the perimeter band with AmeriPolish OS Dye in Terra Cotta to give it a two-tone effect and clearly establish the border from the main center area. In the picture to the right you can see how crisp and polished (so-to-say) the terrazzo strips are in conjunction with the polished concrete. Although a slightly more expensive material to use on a slab, the result is unparalleled.

Get to Know Elegant Concrete Polishing

Elegant Polishing, Inc. is located in New Haven, Connecticut, and area known for its sustainable flooring solutions. Over the years, floor finishing and restoration has evolved to a more durable and environmentally friendly solution. Every year, hundreds of products are introduced into the residential and commercial, industrial market. Elegant Polishing’s goal is to listen to your specific needs and come to the best solution for your project.


[INFOGRAPHIC] Grinding & Polishing RapidSet TRU with HTC Floor Systems

After last week’s training class with HTC Floor Systems, it only seemed fitting to create an infographic that outlines how to aptly use an HTC floor grinder and diamond tooling in conjunction with CTS RapidSet’s TRU self-leveling overlay. The below image aims to put this process in an easily understood form, one that flows and encompasses every element of the process. It is important to note why an overlay is preferred over simply polishing (in some instances) and how this effects which tooling is used, which grinder would work best, etc.

HTC Grinding & Polishing TRU

This visual guide provides a clearer explanation of how CTS RapidSet’s TRU and HTC’s grinders and tooling work well to grind and polish a concrete floor. However, please contact us with further questions or visit our website if you’re interested in purchasing any of the featured products.

Getting to Know Husqvarna’s Dual Drive Technology™

When you hear “Husqvarna Dual Drive Technology™,” it may create excitement or apprehension, depending on your level of adeptness. Although making sense of this unique system may at first seem overwhelming, mastering your understanding will improve both production and performance. Thus, learning the intricate ins and outs can help you to best utilize your Husqvarna floor grinder, so pay attention!

The Essence of Dual Drive Technology

To begin, you should first know that this system comes standard only on models PG 820 and PG 680. Now, the key to understanding the Dual Drive system is that it provides versatility of movement, by allowing the operator to control the speed and direction of either the planetary head or the discs. This results in unlimited speed and directional combinations. For instance, the grinding discs can function in the same direction rotation or counter rotation.

Husqvarna Dual Drive Technology

The Unparalleled Benefits

Beyond this primary benefit however, there are other appealing advantages:

  • Allows grinding optimization for any application
  • Same direction rotation creates more friction on diamond tools – i.e. wider grinding width and higher productivity
  • Opposite rotation creates less friction on diamond tools – i.e. less powerful grinding and easier handling

Application Optimiziation

With these in mind, there are certain applications that are most ideal based on the setting you choose. This may not be surprising, but almost all applications can be applied using same direction rotation, and they are as follows:

  • Epoxy coating removal
  • Ceramic tile adhesive removal
  • Rain-damaged slab rectification
  • Flattening of uneven floors
  • Aggressive grinding of floor surfaces
  • Removal of thick contact adhesive
  • Lippage removal (stone and terrazzo tiles)
  • Resin bond diamonds, concrete
  • Resin bond diamonds, stone

However, counter-rotation also has specific applications it is well-suited for, including lippage removal, re-grouting of concrete floors (for Hiperfloor™ System) and both concrete and stone resin bonds. In addition, disc speed and planetary speed determine which applications can be best optimized. Refer to the chart below for those specifications:

Dual Drive Application Optimization

After delving into the essence of Husqvarna Dual Drive Technology™, the benefits, and application optimization, this complex but rewarding system should be clearer. This Husqvarna technology not only sets it apart, but it allows you – the user – to experience unparalleled control, power and a multi-functional range of applications. Begin putting your newfound knowledge to use now and you will see an increase in productivity and performance.

If you would like to learn even more about Husqvarna’s Dual Drive system, along with other Husqvarna products and applications, consider attending our 2-Day Husqvarna Training Class coming up October 16th and 17th. Reserve your spot here.

How to Effectively Grind and Polish Terrazzo

Terrazzo is one of the oldest flooring styles, but it’s still popular, even after all these years. In terrazzo, marble or granite chips are set in concrete or cement and polished, to provide a smooth surface. Unlike marble or granite slabs, terrazzo offers the potential of innovative designs and color combinations, and does not compromise the strength of the floor in any way.

The process of laying terrazzo floors is fairly simple, but still requires the use of the right tools to secure a floor that will last. Mix the marble and cement, or the other materials in use, pour it on the surface, ground it down flat, and smooth it out to the required finish, usually 100-grit. Next, apply a Terrazzo sealer, and multiple coats of floor wax or finish, as required.

Whether it is a new floor or a restoration, terrazzo grinding and polishing are the two critical tasks, on which the finish of the floor rests.Terrazzo Grinding

The standard method of terrazzo grinding is wet-grinding:

  1. Ensure an even surface, by eliminating all grooves
  2. Clean the floor to remove coarse abrasives and residual debris
  3. Use a floor surface grinder machine with the proper terrazzo grit matrices installed

The terrazzo grinding and polishing process uses diamond abrasives categorized according to grit size. Lower number grits are coarser and higher number grits are finer. Diamond polished terrazzo maintains its shine for a very long time.

Specific types of marbles may require dry grinding, which is more complicated. In either instance, concrete grinding machines are necessary to acquire the finish and strength of the terrazzo floor you wish to accomplish.