The Advantages & Array of Diamond Tooling Options

Diamond tooling cuts into concrete and other surfaces using diamond grains that are bonded onto special parts of surface preparation equipment. Because the diamond is considered a super-hard material, diamond tooling has many advantages compared to tools made with common abrasives such as corundum and silicon carbide.

In addition, the concrete, rock or steel you need to cut into are also some of the hardest materials known to man. To cut through them with precision, you need something even harder. Diamond tooling fits the job.

Diamond Tooling Comparison Guide

We carry a wide array of diamond tooling for concrete surface preparation and concrete polishing available as private label and from leading manufacturers such as Husqvarna, HTC, CPS and STI. We’ve also created this quick-read, full-color Diamond Tooling Comparison Guide to help you choose the right diamond tooling for your job or project. Take a look:

Runyon Diamond Tooling Comparison Guide

Whatever level of finish you are looking for, we carry a full range of diamond tooling, including metal bond tools, hybrid transitional tools, resin tools and polishing pads. From the hardest concrete floor to the most porous, put these metal-bond diamonds, hybrids, resins and polishing pads under your concrete floor grinder (we also carry adapter plates to convert for your specific machine).

Whether grinding and polishing old or new concrete floors, our products combine advancements in the latest diamond technologies, planetary floor grinding equipment and floor treatment products that help you transform your floors into highly abrasion-resistant, incredibly dense, smooth and visually appealing surfaces.

Advantages of Diamond Tooling

If you need tools to get a slab ready for new VCT, epoxy, urethane concrete, carpet or concrete polishing, diamond tooling can offer a range of advantages:

  • High grinding efficiency, low grinding force: Less heat is generated by the hole in the grinding process, which decreases or avoids burns and cracks on the surface, the equipment’s wear and energy consumption.
  • High wear resistance: Diamond tooling’s change in dimension is small, performing with good grinding quality and precision.
  • Long lifespan, long dressing period: This can greatly increase the work efficiency, improve the work environment and decrease labor intensity.
  • Low comprehensive cost: Diamond tooling is designed to yield the best possible productivity and cost per square foot for the contractor, so that he or she has the best chance at being profitable on every job.



HTC Floor Systems: A Sneak Peak Into Tooling, Trends & Training

HTC Floor Systems Grinding & Polishing EquipmentA pioneer in the prep and polishing of concrete flooring, HTC produces equipment, tools and training to expertly prepare, grind and polish concrete flooring to perfection. The company has changed today’s flooring market with innovations in standardized methods for grinding and polishing concrete floors. HTC offers flooring contractors, construction companies and others the latest machines and technology, which are recommended worldwide to take any flooring project to the next level.

Runyon Surface Prep is a certified HTC partner, offering a comprehensive range of floor grinding machines, tools and training, as well as being an authorized HTC service center and rental partner. Available in several different sizes and capabilities depending on the demands of your flooring job, HTC grinders are made to tackle everything from edge grinding to grinding large areas, floor preparation and floor polishing. Combined with HTC’s diamond tools and environmentally friendly cleaning system that cleans all types of floors without chemicals, flooring contractors can work with a complete system that guarantees you finish the job with the best results and affordable cost.

HTC Concrete Grinding & Polishing Tooling Guide

HTC Grinding & Polishing Tooling Guide

All floor surfaces and grinding jobs are unique and require the skill and experience to work them in the most effective way. HTC’s Concrete Grinding and Polishing Tooling Guide is a handy and popular chart that helps contractors choose the right tool for the job, providing a good recommendation for the grinding sequence during different types of work. The Guide specifies the equipment, grit, bond and speed for use on different kinds of concrete surfaces from soft to extremely hard concrete, based on the Moh’s Hardness Scratch Test.

More Tips for Choosing the Right Grinder or Diamond Tooling

To provide a quality flooring installation, contractors need to understand grinding and polishing processes, then act accordingly in choosing the tools to get the job done as efficiently and expertly as possible. Once you decide on labor and diamond tooling that work best for your application and project conditions, your experience will be the determining factor in selecting the right equipment to use for the job:

  • What are the specific characteristics of the concrete surface?
  • What is the diamond tool designed to do?
  • How is the diamond tool supposed to perform?
  • What are the optimum conditions of flawless diamond tool performance?

Buzz Around Hybrid Tooling

HTC suggests contractors consider today’s hybrid tooling when choosing “first cut” tooling.

  • Hybrid tooling eliminates the need for the right bond/grit combination based on the hardness of the concrete. Hardness, abrasion resistance or age of the concrete remains a factor in the performance of the diamond tool, however. Once the grit of hybrid tooling is determined, move through the grit sequences at a slow, methodical pace.
  • Hybrid tooling is usually not aggressive enough to expose large aggregate or remove heavy grease, paint or coatings. Using metal bond or specialized tools can speed up these processes.
  • Using a resin bond tool designed for quick and thorough refinement can also assist with trouble-free tooling selection.
  • HTC has seen evidence of contractors successfully using Ravager tooling in place of scarifying and profiling to speed up removal needed for floor prep.

HTC Floor Systems Training

Register for training on HTC Floor Systems. The one-day training class takes place on Tuesday, October 20 at Runyon Surface Prep’s Indiana location (410 West Carmel Drive, Carmel, IN 46032) and includes a full equipment demo of polishing, floor prep and removal.

Reserve your spot today.

The Runyon Team Expands Southwest With Its Newest Sales Rep Kevin Burell

Kevin Burell - New Southwest Sales RepThe Runyon Team is excited to welcome its newest southwest sales rep, Kevin Burell. Kevin is an experienced, knowledgable and driven individual, itching to get started. He comes with an extensive background in grinding and polishing, from his previous role as southwest sales and training representative for HTC. Kevin has intricate knowledge of tooling, grinders, polishing processes and an array of technological expertise.

In addition to his 6 year stint with HTC, Kevin also worked as a general contractor for 2 years. So Kevin is now adding to his range of perspectives…contractor, manufacturer and now distributor. As the Southwest Sales Representative for Runyon, Kevin will operate as point person for customers in The Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee. Kevin is currently based in Las Vegas, but can travel to job sites or your office location if needed.

Kevin is ready to hit the ground running, so if you’re located in his territory and would like to introduce yourself, please reach out. He can be contacted via email at, or on his mobile at 317.408.5753.

Exposed Floor Design Repairs and Renews Brookshire’s Concrete Floors

How do you change out the floor in a grocery store that remains open for business? The easy answer: use the right tools for the job. Exposed Floor Design Group had to work the night shift at a Brookshire’s store in Texas from 11pm to 6am, which did not provide a lot of time to get work done, especially when allowing for curing. However, the crew managed well by following tried and true steps and by using highly trusted Metzger/McGuire products. You can see how well the store’s floors turned out in the gallery below.

Project: Brookshire’s Store in Kaufman, TX

Scope: Remove VCT, Repair Slab, Grind, Polish

Materials:  RS88, Rapid Refloor, ArmorHard, Pentra-Sil

The Process:

  1. First night: demo VCT and remove glue with first grind
  2. Second night: repair holes with Repid Refloor (color matched to the slab, “High Tea”) and polish up to 800’s
  3. Third night: move the racks between the areas completed night 1 and 2, demo, repair, polish and reset racks
  4. Fourth night: polish the whole floor throughout

The Stunning Results:

The customer was incredibly impressed by the Rapid Refloor product. They found it to be aesthetically better, as it can be color matched, in addition to being durable and smooth. The key to Rapid Refloor repairs is to remove dirt from spalls, square the edges and sand flush to the floor. Exposed uses Rapid Refloor in the same way for several of its customers.  When you have small dents, chips and dings on your floor, Rapid Refloor is a great solution!

For questions about this project, the process or the products, feel free to contact us or write in the comment section below! Also, be sure to find many more customer feature stories on our blog here.

Truly Elegant Decorative Concrete Designs Liven Up A Space

The decorative concrete industry is constantly innovating and pushing out new, creative designs, for both residential and commercial flooring. A colorful, patterned concrete surface not only creates a lasting impression, but it can set the tone in a space. This is the case for a recent job completed by Elegant Concrete Polishing in an elementary school in Connecticut. The bright colors and swirling shapes and curves evoke an energetic vibe throughout, as you can see in the images below.

Connecticut Elementary School Project

The pictures above are of the 17,000 square foot elementary school. The Elegant Concrete crew installed the polished concrete flooring using the AmeriPolish SureLock System. The slab was ground and polished from a 40 grit metal all the way up to a 1500 grit resin. The decorative flooring design was installed per the architectural layout, established with another firm that Elegant has built a solid relationship with. In order to accomplish such a colorful finished product, Elegant used 6 different colors from AmeriPolish in the initial overlay stage. Colors include: Patriot Blue, Turquoise, Forest Green, Green, Burnt Sienna and Sepia. After polishing the floors completely, Elegant protected them with SureLock Densifier and sealed them with SureLock Stain Shield.

Elementary School Concrete EdgesUsing Terrazzo to Create a Border

In another project Elegant completed recently, the crew installed CTS RapidSet TRU self-leveling overlay and then used a zinc terrazzo bar around the perimeter to act as a divider for the border. Elegant ground and polished the TRU after it was entirely laid and set. Then finally, the crew dyed the perimeter band with AmeriPolish OS Dye in Terra Cotta to give it a two-tone effect and clearly establish the border from the main center area. In the picture to the right you can see how crisp and polished (so-to-say) the terrazzo strips are in conjunction with the polished concrete. Although a slightly more expensive material to use on a slab, the result is unparalleled.

Get to Know Elegant Concrete Polishing

Elegant Polishing, Inc. is located in New Haven, Connecticut, and area known for its sustainable flooring solutions. Over the years, floor finishing and restoration has evolved to a more durable and environmentally friendly solution. Every year, hundreds of products are introduced into the residential and commercial, industrial market. Elegant Polishing’s goal is to listen to your specific needs and come to the best solution for your project.


Kent Companies’ Metal Shake Floor Ensures Industrial Strength

Industrial warehouses undergo a substantial amount of wear and tear from heavy machinery, as one would expect. However, keeping factory and facility concrete floors polished and in pristine condition is crucial for efficient daily operation and ease of movement. Kent Companies is currently finishing up a job in a 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Grand Rapids, MI that aims to accomplish this very thing.

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The Unique Process

Since the floor in this manufacturing facility is meant to be durable and withstand heavy machinery, pallets, forklifts, etc. Kent Companies mixed aluminum aggregate into the concrete overlay, a process perfected with years and experience. Commonly known as metal shake, this floor is now restored with a polished concrete surface that can better withstand the tough rigors of industrial work. In addition to being stronger, the metal shake floor is open to the production area, which allows for easier turnover and movement through the production line and out the door. This office furniture manufacturing facility involved polishing all aisle ways throughout the plant.  Over 50,000 square feet of polished metal shake aisle ways are now in the facility.

Additional Measures

Kent Companies not only laid and polished metal shake concrete floors, but the crew also created control joints to better manage any cracking that may occur over time. And lastly, AmeriPolish densifier and guard were applied to protect and seal the floor from spillage and stains. The floor is dark already however, so stains will not be as noticeable.

If you are more interested in learning more about how this floor was completed, the products that were used, etc. please feel free to contact a member of the Runyon Surface Prep team, or comment below! For more project posts by Kent Companies, visit the customer highlights page.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Grinding & Polishing RapidSet TRU with HTC Floor Systems

After last week’s training class with HTC Floor Systems, it only seemed fitting to create an infographic that outlines how to aptly use an HTC floor grinder and diamond tooling in conjunction with CTS RapidSet’s TRU self-leveling overlay. The below image aims to put this process in an easily understood form, one that flows and encompasses every element of the process. It is important to note why an overlay is preferred over simply polishing (in some instances) and how this effects which tooling is used, which grinder would work best, etc.

HTC Grinding & Polishing TRU

This visual guide provides a clearer explanation of how CTS RapidSet’s TRU and HTC’s grinders and tooling work well to grind and polish a concrete floor. However, please contact us with further questions or visit our website if you’re interested in purchasing any of the featured products.