Applied Flooring Gives Corporate Hangar an Aesthetic Concrete Makeover

Large industrial, commercial facilities are generally focused on the durability of their polished concrete flooring. However, aesthetics are important too, as was the case at the Dart Container Hangar. Applied Flooring, Inc. was tasked with redoing the floors in both the hangar’s main area and the corresponding office spaces. There were several challenges initially, but the crew easily overcame them and assuaged the Corporate Hangar’s fears by producing outstanding polished concrete floors throughout the facility.

Project Overview 

Dart Container initially wanted to polish the entire hangar for its corporate fleet. However, there was concern with Skydrol damaging the floor, so they ultimately decided to coat the floor with a Skydrol-resistant polymer.  As Dart Container’s concrete contractors, Applied Flooring chose a high build epoxy and polyurethane system from Protective Industrial Polymers.

Main Hangar Area 

The hangar portion was an engineered 10″ slab with double mat reinforcement 2-1/2″ from the surface.  There were no joints or control joints placed in the slab because of the concern of deflection from the weight of jets.  Prior to coating the slab, there were 2 to 3 random cracks that the Applied Flooring crews filled with epoxy filler.  There was also a strong concern about high vapor from the 10″ slab and a tight time frame for coating the floor.  Dart Container chose to have the Applied Flooring crews apply a coat of Protective Industrial Polymers VM-CS vapor, mitigating primer to help alleviate the vapor.  Prior to applying the PIP Hangar System Applied Flooring measured the Vapor Drive with Calcium Chloride Test Kits and found the levels to be less than 4 lbs.  The coating system was PIP 1200WR, PIP 1000 with a broadcast, PIP 1000 grouted to make it smooth, and then PIP 2000 with gloss grip or glass beads.

Office Space

The office portion of the hangar was integrally colored. Architectural saw cuts on 6′ grid patterns matched the angled walls in the space.  The floor was polished prior to wall erection, after the walls were up the joints were filled, and finally, the polish and burnishing steps were performed prior to vinyl base installation.

The Final Results

Everyone was very concerned about the floor coating systems’ impact on the aesthetic look of the Corporate Hangar. In the end however, everyone was thrilled with the look and durability of the new flooring systems. For more stories like this one, visit our customer feature page. And for questions or comments visit our contact us page or utilize the comment section below.

About Applied Flooring

Applied Flooring, Inc. has been repairing concrete floors since the early 1970s. The company thrives on developing long-term relationships with repeat customers. The epoxy flooring profession has seen tremendous advancements over the last 50 years and Applied Flooring has always been at the leading edge of the industry. Applied Flooring’s knowledge in concrete resurfacing is extensive with qualified technicians and well-trained applicators.


Rejuvenating JCPenney’s Floors to Polished Concrete Perfection

Retail stores receive a large amount of foot traffic, which inevitably means their concrete floors wear down and the quality of them diminishes over time, especially if not maintained properly. Such was the case at a JCPenney store in Madison, WI at the West Towne Mall. Thus, Hunter Advanced Concrete Polishing was tasked with rejuvenating the concrete floors to their former polished glory.

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What They Did

First the Hunter ACP crew shaved the floor to rid it of the tile that was previously covering the surface. As evidenced in the slideshow, the concrete underneath was in really rough shape. After removing all the tile, epoxy was poured and spread, then sand was broadcast over top to rejection. The next day all the sand was swept off and RapidSet TRU was mixed with AmeriPolish integral color in a CS Unitec Hippo mixer and poured and spread using spiked shoes and a porcupine roller. The floor could be walked on after 4 hours, but it is ideal to wait until the next day before grinding and polishing. After polishing to at least an 800 grit, the floors were shiny enough to protect and seal (the final step). You can see the finished result at the end of the slideshow — it looks much better now!

What Products They Used

If you have additional questions or comments, please let us know by contacting one of our Runyon Surface Prep team members, or utilize the comment section below. And for more customer highlights, visit our featured stories page.

Kent Companies’ Metal Shake Floor Ensures Industrial Strength

Industrial warehouses undergo a substantial amount of wear and tear from heavy machinery, as one would expect. However, keeping factory and facility concrete floors polished and in pristine condition is crucial for efficient daily operation and ease of movement. Kent Companies is currently finishing up a job in a 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Grand Rapids, MI that aims to accomplish this very thing.

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The Unique Process

Since the floor in this manufacturing facility is meant to be durable and withstand heavy machinery, pallets, forklifts, etc. Kent Companies mixed aluminum aggregate into the concrete overlay, a process perfected with years and experience. Commonly known as metal shake, this floor is now restored with a polished concrete surface that can better withstand the tough rigors of industrial work. In addition to being stronger, the metal shake floor is open to the production area, which allows for easier turnover and movement through the production line and out the door. This office furniture manufacturing facility involved polishing all aisle ways throughout the plant.  Over 50,000 square feet of polished metal shake aisle ways are now in the facility.

Additional Measures

Kent Companies not only laid and polished metal shake concrete floors, but the crew also created control joints to better manage any cracking that may occur over time. And lastly, AmeriPolish densifier and guard were applied to protect and seal the floor from spillage and stains. The floor is dark already however, so stains will not be as noticeable.

If you are more interested in learning more about how this floor was completed, the products that were used, etc. please feel free to contact a member of the Runyon Surface Prep team, or comment below! For more project posts by Kent Companies, visit the customer highlights page.

A Green Endurance Process Success with Cuviello Concrete

Cuviello Concrete - Howard County Middle SchoolCreating a polished concrete surface that is going to last over a long period of time, with little wear, long-lasting never-ending shine and well-preserved design is of course the ultimate goal for any polished concrete floor. However, actually attaining this is a different story. A unique concrete polishing solution, that addresses all of these desired outcomes, is the Green Endurance Process. This is a natural, yet customizable, approach with a focus on maximum durability and aesthetics. The process begins by working closely with architects to write in specs that are most conducive to the polishing process, eliciting the best results possible. Cuviello Concrete and Terrazzo Polishing is a large proponent of this process and integrates it into every job.

Recently Cuviello completed concrete polishing work at Howard County Middle School in Hanover, MD – a 23,250 square foot area. The corridors and cafeteria floor now feature cream and sand aggregate with multiple colors of dye in an elaborate design. What a head-turner! By using the Green Endurance process every aspect that effect the finished floor was controlled — mix design, placement, finishing, joint placement, the polishing process, protection and in service maintenance training.

The Green Endurance Process

  • Saw cut the pattern into the concrete
  • Fill the cuts with VersaFlex polyurea
  • Grind with 50 grit and 100 grit metal, 50 resin bond abrasive
  • Hone with 100 and 200 grit
  • Dye the floor with AmeriPolish Solvent Base Color
  • Densify the floor with Retro Plate 99
  • Finish honing with 400 grit resin bond abrasive
  • Polish with 800 and finally 1500 grit resin bond

Each bonded abrasive was fully refined from one grit to the next. At no time was any grit skipped.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Understand exactly what the spec says and exactly what your scope of work includes and does not include
  • Educate, educate, educate your architect, owner and general contractor, and then manage expectations
  • Develop a TIGHT relationship with the division 3 contractor  be sure they understand what they are finishing is going to become the finished floor. Educate them beyond what the division 3 spec says and what is included in their scope of work.

Shining Moments

  • Successfully applied dye within the lines
  • Intricately saw cut the designs
  • Kept a consistent and steady work flow to accomplish saw cutting, joint filling, dying, densifying and polishing through multiple smaller crews

Get to Know Cuviello Concrete and Terrazzo Polishing

Cuviello Concrete and Terrazzo Polishing uses its expertise and experience with technical stone polishing to obtain maximum clarity of reflection (DOI Distinction of Image) and superior durability of the polished surface when applied to concrete and terrazzo. As a leader in the industry on an international level, expertise in contracting services places them in a unique position where they consult with and have trained other polishing contractors from across the globe. In addition, Cuviello Concrete was a founding member of the Concrete Polishing Association of America.

Kent Companies: Strategic and Artistic Concrete Polishing Project

As part of a two-month long series highlighting impressive and noteworthy polished concrete projects, the below story kicks off the myriad of customer features with a bang!

Kent Companies is a 3rd generation, family-owned business that specializes in all aspects of concrete construction, concrete pumping, floor underlayments and treatments, decorative concrete, high performance coatings, concrete polishing and staining, concrete lifting, foundation stabilization and restoration, facilities services, concrete and masonry restoration and waterproofing. Kent Companies is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan and has operations in Detroit, Michigan; Dallas, Texas; central Ohio and Charlotte, North Carolina. The Kent Companies team has built a reputation as “Leaders in Concrete.”

This is the first of three project highlights by Kent Companies, so be on the look out for the other two coming up in the next few weeks.

Project Overview

In this job, Kent Companies elevated a state-of-the-art athletics facility into a source of campus pride though the strategic and artistic application of concrete polishing techniques. The DeVos Fieldhouse at Hope College is a 102,000 square foot building that houses the college’s athletic training program as well as the home court for the basketball and volleyball programs. Kent Companies created a concrete stain of the Hope College logo and polished 16,000 square feet of concrete within the facility.

Initial Challenges

The project involved strategic scheduling in order to meet stringent deadlines from the college.  Kent ran two crews, and the team worked in 24-hour shifts for the first week of the project.  The second and third week of the project posed additional challenges as the crew worked around volleyball schedules and athletic matches in the facility.   The effort required precision in scheduling, workmanship and a clean, safe project site.


As a result of a strategic partnership with Hope College, Kent Companies completed the 16,000 square foot staining and polishing project within 3 weeks.  Products used included Ameripolish multicolor dye, Consolideck Prosoco densifier and guard and HTC floor grinders, diamond tooling and Fenix pads.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The 4 Basic Steps of Concrete Staining

Although there may be several ways to go about effectively staining a concrete floor or surface, this proven 4-step method comes from an industry expert – Dancer Concrete and Design. In order to achieve a long-lasting, professional finish, the below process walks you through how to prep, polish, stain and seal in an efficient manner. Use the following infographic as a guide, and for more information you can visit this blog post by Dancer Concrete. Also, please feel free to contact us with additional questions!

4 Steps to Properly Staining a Concrete Floor

[Latest and Greatest:] Free Up Your Hands with a RACATAC

Kneeling and bending are constant movements typical of working with flooring, and concrete especially. Getting up and down so much really takes a toll on your body and eliminates efficiency. So why not consider a tool to help make your work easier and less physically exhausting?  The RACATAC cart roller with chest support allows you to do just that – free up both hands! As you use the RACATAC, you will find that by being supported in a kneeling position, and only having to swivel your knees to move, you eliminate wear and tear.

RACATACModel 01RAC3CS is 1″ higher off of the floor and allows your easier and quicker movement when you are in a kneeling or sitting position. This model is ideal if you need to move rather quickly in a lateral position, using it mostly on rough surfaces, or if you have large feet or long legs, or work mostly kneeling and sitting. Both the seat and chest support different angles, different heights, and slide on a rail front to back. This allows you to use both hands in different working positions while your back and knees are fully supported, and you can control your movement with your feet and toes. The support is made of comfortable dual density foam which connects and disconnects quickly.

Key Features of the RACATAC:

  • Adjustable seat – provides upper body support
  • Knee-pads allow your knees to rest and move freely
  • 3″ casters – roll and move instead of crawling or bouncing
  • Tool tray provides a place to keep necessities while rolling

Now you may wonder which applications the RACATAC can specifically be used for, and the answer is far-reaching. This cart roller is ideal for detailing, grinding, tiling, restoration, painting and autobody. Not to mention, this is such a new product and the first of its kind, which is why the appeal is so great. Why allow your job to be more difficult than it needs to be? Consider purchasing your first RACATAC – you can see the product page here. And, until Sept. 30th you can enter for a chance to win a FREE RACATAC! If this prospect makes you really excited, enter here.