Runyon Roots: Joe Vertrees’ Story

Today is all about Joe Vertrees. Joe’s sister Jackie works in our Customer Service Division. This is how we found Joe. Joe was born at home on May 20, 1991. Jackie is his biological sister, and he also has three step-siblings. In his younger years, he moved around the state of Ohio quite a bit. However, he planted his roots at Liberty-Benton High School, where he was in vocational classes and studied construction management skills.

As a teenager, Joe was extremely curious, motivated and driven. At fifteen, he rode his bike to his first job, which was at a shooting range. And from there he continued to develop different skill sets such as: working in an Outback kitchen, traveling for a moving company, working his way up to Parts Manager at a Michigan-based company, and eventually finding his way to Runyon.

Joe spends his spare time with his rescue pitbulls and cats. He has two pitbulls: Sophia and Domino, and two cats: Zippo and Minx. He is extremely passionate about training his animals and has read all of Cesar Millan’s books. Since high school, Joe has been an avid reader. He reads whatever peaks his interest at the time. Joe and his sister work well together at the shop and we are extremely lucky to have this curious, motivated and driven young man on our Runyon team!

Joe Vertrees


Runyon Roots: Odessa Tynan’s Story

Odessa is our next root, and she has deep roots with the Runyon family. Her dad, Dave Tynan, was hired by Jack Runyon (the original founder) in 1976, and still to this day works for our company. Odessa previously worked for our Tool Rental division for several years, and now has transferred to the Surface Prep division. Odessa grew up working alongside the Runyon family at the Tool Rental. Odessa grew up in Carmel, Indiana and graduated from Carmel High School in 1997. After high school, she attended beauty school until starting a family. Odessa met her husband in high school and had two children: Presley (13) and Jolie (10).

Odessa went back to work in the salon until carpal tunnel took its toll. She found her way to the Tool Rental working at the front counter. Customer service is her strength, so when Surface Prep had an opening, she was a perfect fit. Odessa is responsible for sending our customers their tracking information, and she bills out their invoices. She is a great addition to our team and has been part of our family for years.

She enjoys spending time with her children, her cats, and she does photography on the side. Her dad has worked for Runyon for 42 years; the only thing that has changed is that his mustache is much smaller. The picture below is from 20 years ago! Odessa’s brother, Seth, also works in the business. He started when he was 15 years old working for a former Runyon business – Party Time Rental. We’re excited for the next generation of Tynans to join the family!

Odessa Tynan


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Runyon Roots: Jon Hughel’s Story

Today is all about Jonathan Daniel Hughel. Jon was born May 22, 1981 right here in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was the oldest son of Daniel and Wendy. His family was always on the move; before Jon was nine, he lived in 8 different states. At an early age, Jon was an avid dinosaur enthusiast. After dinos, he started playing football, baseball and wrestled at Karns Middle and High School in Knoxville, TN. Jon graduated from high school in 1999. He found his way to the University of Memphis for a year, then transferred to Middle Tennessee State University, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Economics in 2004.

Jon has earned a living as a chef, a teamster, a roadie, a medical device salesman and a partner in a small marketing firm. However, most of his work experience was in the concrete polishing/surface preparation industry. He started at HTC in February 2006, briefly as a territory sales/technical rep. He quickly moved to Twister product manager, where he helped to set up production of Twister in the US and brought that product line to market in North America. Later he moved to Key Account Management at HTC. He then found his way to Ameripolish from 2015-2017, managing the SmartFloor program, as well as working with distribution partners in the Midwest and West. Jon was our Ameripolish rep, which is how all of us at Runyon were first introduced to him. Luckily for us, Jon was looking for new opportunities in this industry, so he joined our team back in September 2017. We’re extremely grateful that Jon is part of our Runyon Team. Jon brings an extreme amount of knowledge and experience to our customers. Jon is our SouthEast sales rep, based out of Knoxville, Tennessee.

As you can see, Jon really enjoys hanging out with his dogs and significant other Erin. His hobbies and interests include: reading, cooking, shooting sports, and he is an avid outdoorsman and a gifted amateur competitive eater.

Jon is a jokester and keeps everyone in stitches at all times! He always has a funny anecdote and has the ability to lighten the mood in the most stressful situations.


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Runyon Roots: Susana & Leo’s Story

This week we bring you an internal love story. Leo and Susana are the only married couple working at Runyon. They were married May 22, 1993 in Venezuela. They met at university and dated for only one year before they knew they wanted to spend their lives together. Leo was born September 28, 1965 and Susana on July 18, 1968. After meeting at university, Leo said it was love at first sight. In their country, they owned a 400-acre ranch. Their main source of income was with agriculture and veterinary products. They left their country due to political persecutions. To this day, Susana still loves and misses her hometown. However, now we’re her home away from home!

At Runyon, Leo and Susana both play an important role. Susana is our mother hen; she makes sure everyone in our office is happy, and if not, she figures out the reason why and finds ways to turn frowns upside-down. She also makes our showroom and warehouse sparkle every day. Leo is our jack-of-all-trades. He repairs and maintains our rental equipment, makes deliveries, restocks our shelves and helps with shipping. He ultimately can help anywhere he is needed.

Outside of work, they are all about family. They have three children: Alfredo (23), Luis David (18) and Paola (16). We are extremely blessed to have these two as part of the Runyon Team! Their love story is an inspiration for all of us.

Runyon Roots: Curt Majors’ Story

Our next root branches off to our visionary. Curt Majors is responsible for making our warehouse an organized masterpiece. And here is his story…Curt was born May 14, 1968 in Great Lakes, Illinois. His large family grew up in Cicero, Indiana where he went to Hamilton Heights High School. In high school Curt spent most of his time on the football field or on a wrestling mat. As a middle linebacker, he ended his high school athletic career as an All-Conference, All-County, All-State football player.

At the age of 13, Curt’s work ethic started. His first summer job was corn detasseling, where he worked for three summers. After high school, Curt worked for Delta Faucet for ten years. He started as a courier and continued to work his way up the ladder to a lead project manager. He wanted a different challenge and found his way to KeHE Foods, where he used his organizational skills to arrange and display food products. After seven years, he headed down a different path to Standard Locknut & Horton where he ran a CNC machine and their laser machines. I’m super happy he decided to make a change in September of 2016 to become a Runyon Team member. He quickly grew into our warehouse manager. Our current warehouse looks incredible thanks to Curt!

Curt’s spare time is spent with his fiancée Rebecca, and three sons, Blake, Luke and Jake. They enjoy playing pool, swimming, cooking, grilling out, watching sporting events and remodeling their new home. Curt is a huge asset and we are lucky to have him on the Runyon Team.

Curt Majors

Runyon Roots: Jackie Vertrees’ Story

Our next Runyon Roots is the story of Jackie Vertrees. Jackie was born February 27, 1990 in Wauseon, OH. She has one brother Joe, who also works at Runyon. Jackie attended Liberty Benton High School. One fond memory in high school was when she participated in the Oceanaus program, which is a program to learn about marine biology and marine ecology.

Jackie joined the Navy in 2009 with her best friend. She was an Aviation Ordinanceman, stationed in Bremerton, WA. Her job was to assemble and disassemble bombs and missiles. She also worked with gunners mates in the armory. In addition, she was trained in security to keep pirates off their ships. Jackie was deployed for nine months in the Persian Gulf traveling to Malaysia, Dubai, Bahrain and Singapore. Her ranking was a Petty Officer third class E4.

After the Navy, she moved back to Ohio, where her best friend convinced her to move to Indy. When in Indy, Jackie worked at Bub’s Cafe. She worked there for 2 1/2 years after, and that’s where we found her. She started working for Runyon Surface Prep in July 2017.

Jackie is instrumental in making sure that we maintain high customer service at Runyon. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her cats, playing video games, and hanging out with her friends. Jackie has been a great addition to our team at Runyon!

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Runyon Roots: Vasco Tchakarov’s Story

Vasco TchakarovNext in the Runyon Roots story is Vasco Tchakarov. Vasco was born 32 years ago today in Sofia, Bulgaria. Vasco moved to the US, when he was three years old, to Monroe, MI. He spent his school years in Michigan and traveled back to Bulgaria for the summers to spend with his mom, sister and grandparents.

In high school, he began a co-op at his family’s business, Diamond Tool Supply, a diamond tool manufacturing business for the marble, terrazzo, granite and concrete grinding and polishing industry. Vasco graduated from Monroe High School in 2004 and then attended Monroe Community College for Mechanical Engineering from 2006-2008. Vasco gained an immense amount of knowledge of the concrete polishing industry working with his family business. In 2009, he decided to leave the family business and get out in the field to put his family’s tools to use. Vasco continued working in the industry from 2009-2016. He did everything from pushing squeegees, running grinders, doing edges, estimating and project management. In 2014 he started his own concrete polishing company. All of Vasco’s experience has resulted in over 8,000,000+ sq ft of successful floor resurfacing.

In December of 2016, Vasco found his way to Runyon Surface Prep where he has made tremendous strides in the industry. At Runyon, Vasco is our Technical/Sales Rep and his home base is in Houston, TX. He has brought an immense amount of experience and knowledge to Runyon’s and he has been instrumental in helping to develop our new tooling line. We are blessed that he is part of our team! Outside of work, Vasco has a beautiful Christian family – a wife and two sons. Vasco practices lifelong sobriety and assists people struggling with substance abuse to find a meaningful life through a non-profit business called, Hope For Recovery.

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