Runyon Roots: Jayme Valdez’s Story

The next Runyon Roots story is all about Jayme Valdez – an instrumental person in our Customer Service department. Jayme was born on February 11, 1981, in Jackson, Michigan. She is the second born, with two sisters and one brother. In her early elementary days, her dad coached her in tee-ball and baseball. In 5th grade, Jayme fondly remembers traveling to France for three weeks as a foreign exchange student. She continued at Jackson High School, where she was a good student. At 16, her first job was working at the local McDonalds. Jayme originally thought she wanted to be a nurse, so she worked in the healthcare industry as a nurse’s aid for 8 years. However, she realized that was not for her.

Jayme Valdez

Jayme moved on to managing and being a waitress at the local Michigan Big Boy restaurant for 8 years. Then it was time to start a family. Jayme has two boys; Johnny (11) and Jordan (9). In 2013, after having her boys, she moved to Indianapolis where she was a waitress and managed the restaurants at MacKenzie River and Bubs Cafe.

That is where Wendy met Jayme. People who know Wendy, know that Bubs Cafe is one of her favorite local restaurants. Jayme was one of Wendy’s favorite waitresses, so we were lucky when Jayme wanted a career change. She started at Runyon two and a half years ago in our customer service department. She quickly moved to assisting our entire sales staff. Jayme processes all of the orders for our internal and external sales team. She plays a huge role and makes sure all of our customers receive their orders.

In Jayme’s spare time she enjoys playing in pool tournaments, hanging out with her family and friends, and most importantly, spending time with her children.

Jayme’s contact information:

Cell: 317.588.4258



Runyon Roots: Kristen Fox’s Story

We are getting Foxy with Kristen Fox this week. Kristen is one of our outside sales reps covering the Midwest and East Coast; her home base is in Illinois. She was born August 5, 1987. Kristen is the youngest of four. Her older brother, Nick, works at Metzger/McGuire. Kristen went to Ottawa High School where she played tennis and basketball. She was a state qualifier in tennis and starting varsity basketball player all four years!

Kristen continued her education at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois. She graduated with a double major in Business Finance and Economics and a minor in International Business. She was also a proud Vikings basketball starter for all four years.

The summer before graduating from college, Kristen talked to the Jones Family to discuss her future career plans. The Jones’ offered Kristen an internship that she completed during her senior year at school. Kristen traveled to Morris, Illinois 2-3 times a week during her senior year. She learned the ins and outs of the Surface Prep business during this time. She continued working at STI for seven years where she managed all of the domestic US accounts and took control of the European market.

Kristen joined our team in May of 2016 to further her career in this industry. We are lucky that she likes to be a part of a family business and that she enjoys the freedom to interact directly with our contractors.

In Kristen’s free time she likes hiking with her dogs, Bran and Winston, and spending time with her fiancé, Leslie. Kristen also trains for 5K’s and half marathons and being with her family.

Kristen is extremely energetic and motivated. Her energy is contagious. We love having Kristen as a part of our Runyon team!

Kristen’s contact info:

Cell: 815-719-2278

Runyon Roots: Zach Allen’s Story

We are springing forward to Zach Allen this week. He plays a pivotal role at Runyon. He manages our shipping department. He was born July 26, 1991 and grew up in Kentland, Indiana. Zach was a 10-year 4-H member and was part of the National Soil and Land Judging Team with the FFA. He also enjoyed playing football and basketball in high school. After high school, he worked at the Rose Acre Egg Farm working with the animal houses and was quickly promoted to the shipping department. He then found his way to Mikes Crew Carwash where he became assistant manager. In September of 2015, Zach started to work for Runyon, thanks to Heidi Barker. Zach’s wife Jill was Heidi’s roommate in college. Heidi recommended Zach for an opening we had at Runyon.

Zach Allen's family

Zach Allen and crew at the new shopOutside of Runyon, Zach enjoys spending time with his wife Jill and son Christopher. Christopher will soon have a brother or sister. We are excited to see the Allen family grow. In his spare time, Zach plays golf, listens to Ramsey Solution podcasts, and likes reading books.

Zach is instrumental in making sure that all shipments make it to your job site in a timely manner. He can be reached at

Runyon Roots: Leanna Hudson’s Story

Our 4th Runyon Roots story is Leanna Hudson. She came to work for Runyon on December 2, 2013. Let me tell you the “Story of Leanna”…

Leanna was born April 10th, 1973 in Sacramento, CA. She was raised in the town of Rescue, where she lived on 10 acres and grew up riding horses. At a young age, she started riding in local rodeo barrel races. She then moved to the bay area to finish high school and find her career in Medicine. However, after working in the medical field for 10+ years, something was missing. She loved caring for her patients but needed a more creative outlet. Leanna was raised by a father who was in construction sales, therefore, she knew with a little hard-work, opportunities would become available. She found her way into owning a Decorative Concrete business and has since been involved in all facets of the Construction Industry, from Project Management, Estimating, Installation, Sales, and Distribution.

Runyon didn’t have a strong presence on the West Coast. This is where Leanna came to join the Runyon team. She had the experience and knowledge of the industry, which made for a perfect fit. We opened our 2nd location in December of 2013. Leanna and her staff have done a fabulous job growing and servicing our West Coast customers.

We are proud to say Leanna took the West Coast from low-grossing to one of Runyon’s highest-producing territories.

You can contact Leanna at or 916.496.0876

Runyon Roots: Angela Meyer’s Story

The next Runyon Roots story is all about Angela Meyer. She was born on July 3, 1986, in a small town called Batesville, Indiana. Angela had a close-knit family, she was the third born with three brothers. She enjoyed playing softball, soccer, and basketball growing up. She went to college at the University of Indianapolis to get a Bachelor of Science degree.

We are lucky she hated corporate America. Angela joined the Runyon Team in October 2013. She is extremely instrumental in developing new internal procedures and a dedicated guiding force to our sales team.

The last couple of years have been extremely busy for Angela! She had two babies in two years and is still keeping it all together. We’re excited to see how she continues to grow in this industry and we are lucky she is part of the Runyon Team!

Angela Meyer


Runyon Roots: John Cavallaro’s Story

Next in the Runyon Roots line-up is John Cavallaro, the Italian Stallion. He manages our parts department. He was born August 14, 1959, in Southeast Indianapolis. He grew up in a large Italian family, the fourth of six children. He attended all industrial arts classes in high school. His sister’s boyfriend got him his first job at Horner Electric where he rewound electric motors for the total of 32 years.

In the meantime, during his nights and weekends, he found the love of dance and music. He worked at two local radio stations creating a mixed dance DJ show on Saturday nights. His weekdays involved DJ at local nightclubs around the city.

After leaving Horner Electric, he headed up Blakley’s Maintenance Flooring division. His job required him to repair their HTC, Terrco, and Ermator equipment. We were lucky when he decided to take a different path in July of 2013. John quickly grew and developed our parts department and is extremely instrumental in helping with our in-store customer support.

Outside of work, John is busy spending time with his wife Deniece and family. He has a blended family of four children, two boys and two girls, and a total of six grandchildren. In addition, he loves playing golf and spending the month of May at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. He is a huge racing fan that dates back to the 1920’s where his grandfather played in the Indianapolis Italian Musical Association Band at the Indianapolis 500.

If you need any parts/service assistance on your grinding equipment, John is happy to help. His contact information is 317.416.0432 and

Runyon Roots: Heidi Barker’s Story

As we roll into 2018, we wanted to take some time to reflect back on some pivotal moments in Runyon Surface Prep’s journey. From where we started, to where we are today. In doing this, we’re going to highlight all of our amazing team members. First up, Heidi is director of marketing at Runyon and here is her story.

Heidi was born Jan 16th, 1991, in a family of three girls and grew up in a small rural Indiana town. She loved traveling in high school and went on several mission trips, including one to Brazil and a foreign language trip to Europe. Heidi was Salutatorian of her high school and was the recipient of the Eli Lilly Scholarship. She graduated from Butler University with Honors in International Business and Marketing and a Spanish minor. In addition, she studied abroad during college in Hong Kong for six months where she took marketing and IB classes and traveled all over Asia.

Heidi started working with Runyon a week after graduating from Butler on May 20, 2013. She started working on the Equipment Rental side and gradually shifted fully over to Surface Prep division. In the almost 5 years she’s been with Runyon, Heidi’s helped it grow and expand to the booming business it is today. She has elevated our online presence, created a library of educational resources and guides. She’s collaborated to identify and target new markets, and she orchestrates our trade shows and training classes. She has brought new marketing ideas with an innovative twist to make Runyon’s marketing exceptional.

Heidi’s Contact Info:


cell: 317.995.0034