The OSHA Silica Standard – One Year Later

As of August 1, 2018, OSHA has issued about 150 citations to contractors under the new silica standard across the country, according to a presentation prepared by Joseph Whiteman, CSP, CHST, of the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC). OSHA classifies the majority of these citations as “serious,” since overexposure to respirable crystalline silica is considered an immediate health threat to American workers.


The Time is Now to be OSHA-Ready for New Crystalline Silica Rule

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued a final rule to curb lung cancer, silicosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and kidney disease in America’s workers by limiting their exposure to respirable crystalline silica. For contractors, this means now is the time to make sure your equipment will comply.

The New Crystalline Silica Rule – Are You OSHA-Ready?

As of June 23, 2016, a new OSHA regulation, Respirable crystalline silica, Section 29 CFR 1926.1153, is being implemented and enforced. This regulation builds upon the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s National Emphasis Program on Crystalline Silica, which has been in effect since January 24, 2008. In addition to updating Permissible Exposure Limits (PELs), it sets forth stricter regulations on the contractor, demanding greater dust collection on the job site.

What Could Dust Extraction Cost You?

Pullman Ermator, maker of single-phase HEPA dust extractors, recently conducted a cost analysis on what bags, filters and labor could cost you for dust extraction over a year. The first is your initial cost, where your choices include 150 CFM and smaller plastic dust vacuums that are HEPA-ready or HEPA-included.

RSP Slurry Processing System – Reduce, Remove & Reuse

Runyon Surface Prep’s Slurry Processing System simplifies the task of what to do with job site concrete mud. The popularity of wet-polishing and the use of power trowel machines (that must be run wet) increases the need for an efficient and economical solution to slurry removal. More wet work is being done to reduce silica levels on job sites, increase safety and to meet the new OSHA Silica Standard. Runyon Surface Prep’s Slurry Processing System uses the innovative products from Slurry Solutions to eliminate concrete sludge. This technique reduces the amount of waste material to discard, removes heavy metal contaminants and reuses the separated water back on the job.

Mixing Station Best Practices for Your Next Polishable Overlay Project

Adding portable Hippo mixers and Pelican carts to your TRU concrete mixing station makes quick and easy work of your overlay application.

Do you want to improve your productivity? Achieving the right configuration of mixing equipment and supplies is not always easy. Without the appropriate equipment in your arsenal, work slows down and it costs you money. Arranging the perfect mix station set-up eliminates the need for a large crew. It reduces your team’s extreme physical exertion and boosts productivity. Employees can mix, pour and polish concrete overlays in record time.

The Importance of Personal Protective Equipment

In a dozen plus years in the construction industry, I have witnessed first-hand the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE) many times. Minor incidents that could have resulted in catastrophic injury, but for the proper PPE being utilized, and serious injuries that could have been prevented or ameliorated had the proper PPE been used. While protective garments and equipment can be cumbersome and at times uncomfortable, and while jobsite PPE requirements can at times seem onerous or ridiculous, proper use of safety equipment can prevent life-altering, or even life-ending, injuries.

Efficient Slurry Management on Large Power Trowel Polishing Job

With the rising trends of wet polishing, due to the new OSHA Silica Standard, and trowel machine polishing, which must be run wet, the need for a streamlined slurry management process is key. While there is no “one answer” for how to most efficiently and economically dispose of slurry, our manufacturers and our own outside sales reps strive to help provide solutions for concrete polishing contractors facing this dilemma. Here’s an example of one customer who teamed up with our rep Mark Critchfield from Slurry Solutions to achieve just that.