Wahlburgers TRU PC Job by Custom Concrete Creations

This week we want to feature an impressive TRU PC overlay job completed by Custom Concrete Creations in the Wahlburgers at Mall of America. You can see the before and after shots of this 3,600 square foot restaurant below. In addition, we’ve included some snapshots of the process, including a logo stencil application and wet grinding and polishing.

Wahlburgers CCC Job - before

Wahlburgers CCC Job - after


Custom Concrete Creations used the following products and equipment to complete this job:

Big thanks to Hy-Vee Construction and the CCC crew on this job: Matt Safford, Tyler Hansen, Pete Clifton and Keenan Hanson.

Custom Concrete Creations specializes in Polished Concrete flooring. CCC services Industrial, Commercial and Residential clients throughout the Midwest. Custom Concrete Creations has been in the Polishing market since the craft became popular over five years ago. They have the passion and expertise to help your project succeed!


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