Ameripolish® PCA – Drastically Reduces Crazing and More

This Penetrating Curing Agent is an impressive alternative to traditional cure and seal products.

Ameripolish PCA (Penetrating Curing Agent) chemically hardens and dust-proofs concrete for improved abrasion resistance without forming a coating. Recommended for new concrete pours, PCA adds initial water and stain repellency while retaining slab moisture for improved curing. PCA requires no UV light for dissipation and can be used with integrally colored concrete.


Penetrating Curing Agent Strengthens at Cure

  • Improves cure by retaining slab moisture
  • Drastically reduces crazing and map cracking
  • Highly penetrating, non-film forming – no need to grind or chemically remove layer to seal and burnish
  • Forms a hydrophobic barrier and increases stain repellency
  • Greatly improves abrasion resistance
  • Helps reduce efflorescence and minimizes dust for healthier indoor air quality
  • Replaces traditional cure and seal products on new concrete

Top 3 Reasons Traditional Cure and Seal Products Fail

  1. Crazing (map cracking) – due to early surface drying and slab shrinkage
  2. Scuffing – doesn’t penetrate and protect within the slab
  3. Yellowing – doesn’t have the stability to protect against UV light

How is PCA different from other curing agents? Older generation cure and seal products form a membrane at the surface of concrete to retain moisture for curing, which can result in a variety of flooring challenges:

  • Soft, porous surface leads to pitting, crazing and map cracking
  • Very low abrasion resistance shows forklifts or tire marks, scuffing and overall wear deterioration
  • Discoloration or “yellowing” of floor surface

In addition, topical cure and seals must be mechanically or chemically removed before grinding and/or polishing the new flooring surface. PCA actually soaks into the surface, leaving no topical residue.

How well does PCA work as a curing agent? PCA delivers proven results. A study by American Engineering Testing, Inc. performed on fresh concrete compares a non-treated control slab versus one treated with Ameripolish PCA. While the control slab is only able to retain 70% of its moisture in a 72-hour period, the surface using PCA keeps 93.6% in the same time-frame. Other findings:

  • PCA eliminated any crazing experienced by the control slab when subjected to high temperature and rapid air movement
  • PCA improves abrasion resistance
  • PCA retains 23.6% more moisture overall
  • PCA is an effective curing agent and finishing aid

Expanded Benefits of Ameripolish PCA

Other curing agents only retard moisture loss to varying degrees. In addition to moisture retention, PCA actually strengthens the concrete surface by improving abrasion resistance.

  • PCA has also been shown to be very effective at reducing surface defects, including crazing
  • PCA coverage rate is dramatically higher: 1,000 – 1,500 ft.2 per gallon, when applying product with microfiber mop
  • PCA has a lower than average cost per square foot than leading competitors
  • PCA is the best solution when grinding and polishing
  • PCA is the best solution when doing a seal and burnish application
  • PCA is better than traditional cure and seal products, regardless of the application

Harsh chemical strippers or aggressive metal bond abrasives are no longer needed to remove PCA – like traditional topical curing products.

What are the cost-benefits of using PCA as a curing agent? True film-forming curing agents always require removal prior to preparing the concrete further. Many dissipative cures may also require removal due to certain environmental requirements, such as UV exposure, to degrade the material. PCA does not need removal, saving labor and material costs.

Ameripolish & Runyon Surface Prep

Founded in 2005, Ameripolish revolutionized the concrete polishing industry by introducing solvent based, concrete penetrating dyes. Since then, the Ameripolish product development team has continued to unveil cutting edge technology to prep, strengthen, color, protect and maintain polished concrete floors. Runyon Surface Prep is proud to carry Ameripolish architectural concrete products.


An All-Inclusive Guide to Diamond Impregnated Pads

Runyon Surface Prep offers a comprehensive line of grinding and polishing machines, along with diamond tooling, for the grinding and polishing of a variety of flooring surfaces. To help in choosing the correct diamond impregnated pad for your job, we’ve put together a one-page, full-color Guide to Diamond Impregnated Pads, outlining five of the most requested brands we carry.

Guide to Diamond Impregnated Pads

Twister Diamond Cleaning Pads & TXP Xtreme Pads

HTC’s Twister line mechanically cleans and maintains floors using floor pads prepared with billions of microscopic diamonds. Each pad carries a different size of diamonds to polish the floor, keeping its natural gloss and shine.

Benefits of HTC Twister Pads:

  • Economical – no costs for chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly – uses water only; makes for a better working environment
  • Creates higher gloss and cleanliness
  • Works on all floor types

Coverage Rates on HTC Twister Pad Life (in square feet):

Diamond Cleaning Pads

Estimated pad life is highly dependent on 1) the condition of the floor 2) the equipment used and 3) the type of job. Compared to cleaning, restoration can reduce the pad life by 50% to 75%, depending on the number of passes made with each grit and the amount of pad pressure. Pad life is greater when used wet at low rpms under an auto scrubber versus dry under a burnisher at high rpms.


  • SuperClean – daily cleaning of heavily guarded, coated or finished floors
  • SuperGloss – daily or periodic burnishing of heavily guarded, coated or finished floors

TXP Xtreme Pads

The TXP is a very unique pad that falls between HTC’s resin bond hybrids and the standard Twister pads in performance.


  • On heavily guarded, coated or finished floors – TXP can be used to deep scrub or strip the floors prior to recoating. Lifespan in these applications is 100,000 to 500,000 square feet.
  • On stone or concrete floors – TXP can be used for stain and etch repair, light honing and floor preparation. Recommended wherever tools in the 100 to 400 grit range were used previously. As aggressive as a 100 – can leave the floor as refined as a 400. Since this pad is often used as the first step in a restoration, it takes a beating and usually has a lifespan on stone and concrete of 50,000 to 200,000 square feet.

STI SPIN-1 Diamond Pads

Substrate Technology, Inc. (STI) manufactures complete polishing systems from prep to polish, for the best possible finish. The SPIN-1 Pad System polishes concrete in a fraction of the time when compared to large polishing machines. The natural hair pads are infused with diamonds and are exceptionally effective in maintaining polished concrete. Pad life is in excess of 20,000 SF/1,858 M2. Available in 21″ and 27″ sizes to fit most propane burnishers.

3M Scotch-Brite Diamond Plus Pads

The Scotch-Brite™ Purple Diamond Floor Pad Plus and Scotch-Brite™ Sienna Diamond Floor Pad Plus Cleaning System by 3M is based on a diamond formula and a simplified, one-step process that simultaneously cleans and polishes stone floors.

Get A Brilliant Shine

  • Helps reduce labor and material costs up to 50% – addresses labor and material costs associated with stripping, deep scrubbing and burnishing floors
  • Easy to use and easy to maintain
  • Environmentally Preferable Cleaning System, which means products or services that have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products or services that serve the same purpose
  • Helps eliminate the need to use floor finishes, coatings, stripper and crystallization products, and the labor-intensive work associated with applying these chemical products

CPS SpinFlex Polishing Pad

SpinFlex Polishing Pads from Concrete Polishing Solutions (CPS) are impregnated with a higher concentration microscopic diamonds and have a higher heat rating than competitors’ pads. They are uniquely designed to maintain and enhance the shine on a variety of surfaces. Easily adaptable, they mount to any floor grinder, burnisher or auto scrubber and are excellent for cleaning and enhancing the floor’s shine.