Case Study: A Successful TRU Overlay Job in Sioux Falls, SD

Dan Knuth, our technician and training specialist, assisted on a TRU job a few weeks ago in South Dakota for Custom Concrete Creations. There were some issues with material flow and color application, so he helped troubleshoot and in the end assisted in producing a successful overlay. Read on for the details of what they did and how they combatted various problems.


The floor layout was too wide to complete in one pour, so it was divided into three 10′ wide areas. The three areas were sectioned off with weatherstripping. We did this to maintain a 3/8″ depth throughout the entire floor. The wider the area is, the more difficult it becomes to get a consistent depth of at least 3/8″ because the material wants to flow as more material is placed in front of it.

The first 5 bag batch of TRU was mixed for 2.5 minutes and was too fluid. This was apparent when the mixing material was poured through an 1/8″ classifier screen to catch any unmixed material – it went through the screen like water. Fortunately, the floor had a trench that was 1-1/2″ in depth, so we just poured the material in the trench as an “underlayment.” We took 16 oz of water out of the next mix, mixed for 2.5 minutes and it was still too “watery” so we poured the second batch in the trench as well. We took another 16 oz (32 oz total) out of the third mix, mixed for 2.5 minutes and it resulted in the desired flow we were looking for, so at that point we began pouring the floor.

The next day the first order of business was to cut and fill the control joints. Control joints in the substrate were fairly straight, so we marked them on the wall prior to pouring so they could be recut. This was the first order of business because we were only going to use one metal-bond diamond and it is recommended to fill control joints right before your last metal-bond. We then began cutting the floor with medium soft 80 grit metal-bonds underneath an HTC 800 Classic and an HTC 800RX.

After the first cut, the skin was removed on 95% of the floor and we had good sand exposure. However, a second cut was completed with the same diamond to achieve more consistent skin removal and sand exposure. 100 grit HTC Fenix pads were then used to remove the 80 grit scratch and worked well on the three head 800 Classic, but the four head 800RX had to switch from the Fenix pads to the 100 grit HTC Big Blocks to remove the 80 grit metal-bond scratch before using the 100 grit Fenix pads. 200 grit Fenix pads were used, the floor was scrubbed, then Ameripolish’s 3DHS densifier was applied. Husqvarna’s Overlay Flex Polishing Pads were used to polish the floor (400 grit – 3000 grit) after densification was completed. Finally, a guard was applied and burnished to complete the project.

Custom Concrete Creations specializes in polished concrete flooring. They service industrial, commercial and residential clients throughout the Midwest. Other services include acid staining, sealing, joint filling and floor prep.


HTC Floor Systems: A Sneak Peak Into Tooling, Trends & Training

HTC Floor Systems Grinding & Polishing EquipmentA pioneer in the prep and polishing of concrete flooring, HTC produces equipment, tools and training to expertly prepare, grind and polish concrete flooring to perfection. The company has changed today’s flooring market with innovations in standardized methods for grinding and polishing concrete floors. HTC offers flooring contractors, construction companies and others the latest machines and technology, which are recommended worldwide to take any flooring project to the next level.

Runyon Surface Prep is a certified HTC partner, offering a comprehensive range of floor grinding machines, tools and training, as well as being an authorized HTC service center and rental partner. Available in several different sizes and capabilities depending on the demands of your flooring job, HTC grinders are made to tackle everything from edge grinding to grinding large areas, floor preparation and floor polishing. Combined with HTC’s diamond tools and environmentally friendly cleaning system that cleans all types of floors without chemicals, flooring contractors can work with a complete system that guarantees you finish the job with the best results and affordable cost.

HTC Concrete Grinding & Polishing Tooling Guide

HTC Grinding & Polishing Tooling Guide

All floor surfaces and grinding jobs are unique and require the skill and experience to work them in the most effective way. HTC’s Concrete Grinding and Polishing Tooling Guide is a handy and popular chart that helps contractors choose the right tool for the job, providing a good recommendation for the grinding sequence during different types of work. The Guide specifies the equipment, grit, bond and speed for use on different kinds of concrete surfaces from soft to extremely hard concrete, based on the Moh’s Hardness Scratch Test.

More Tips for Choosing the Right Grinder or Diamond Tooling

To provide a quality flooring installation, contractors need to understand grinding and polishing processes, then act accordingly in choosing the tools to get the job done as efficiently and expertly as possible. Once you decide on labor and diamond tooling that work best for your application and project conditions, your experience will be the determining factor in selecting the right equipment to use for the job:

  • What are the specific characteristics of the concrete surface?
  • What is the diamond tool designed to do?
  • How is the diamond tool supposed to perform?
  • What are the optimum conditions of flawless diamond tool performance?

Buzz Around Hybrid Tooling

HTC suggests contractors consider today’s hybrid tooling when choosing “first cut” tooling.

  • Hybrid tooling eliminates the need for the right bond/grit combination based on the hardness of the concrete. Hardness, abrasion resistance or age of the concrete remains a factor in the performance of the diamond tool, however. Once the grit of hybrid tooling is determined, move through the grit sequences at a slow, methodical pace.
  • Hybrid tooling is usually not aggressive enough to expose large aggregate or remove heavy grease, paint or coatings. Using metal bond or specialized tools can speed up these processes.
  • Using a resin bond tool designed for quick and thorough refinement can also assist with trouble-free tooling selection.
  • HTC has seen evidence of contractors successfully using Ravager tooling in place of scarifying and profiling to speed up removal needed for floor prep.

HTC Floor Systems Training

Register for training on HTC Floor Systems. The one-day training class takes place on Tuesday, October 20 at Runyon Surface Prep’s Indiana location (410 West Carmel Drive, Carmel, IN 46032) and includes a full equipment demo of polishing, floor prep and removal.

Reserve your spot today.

The 6th Annual Concrete Décor Show is in Indy This Year!

The Concrete Decor Show is in Indy this year

The Concrete Décor Show takes place September 28 – October 2 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis – right in our own backyard! It’s the perfect opportunity to not only meet us at the Show, but you can stop by our huge facility and see what we have to offer.

The Concrete Décor Show 2015 has a worldwide reputation as the largest gathering of decorative concrete trainers, educators, practicing artisans and concrete experts, giving attendees an inside look at the latest technologies and techniques the industry has to offer. Manufacturers, design professionals, distributors/suppliers, resellers, retailers and product end-users such as contractors share their expertise, so that you can do what you do better. Attendees benefit from one-of-a-kind training to build skill, and experience real world applications. In addition to training workshops and seminars, two days of exhibits and demonstrations at the Indianapolis Convention Center deliver the best opportunity to explore decorative concrete products and services, and technology in action.

Are You a Concrete Décor Professional?

The Concrete Décor Show is ideal for any industry professional involved with the designing, applying or installing of decorative concrete – artists, contractors, architects and design professionals as well as supply stores, distributers and manufacturers. You can visit Runyon Surface Prep at booth #318 all week, so please stop by if you’re attending. 

Why Attend the Concrete Décor Show?

Show organizers say that the public’s demand for decorative concrete is heating up. You will need expert knowledge about new trends, decorative concrete products and resources that you can use to grow your business. The Concrete Décor Show is considered the premiere trade show for concrete contractors, decorative concrete professionals and construction business owners, and showcases architectural and decorative concrete for residential and commercial construction. Educational sessions, hands-on workshops, nationally recognized speakers, trainers, industry experts and demonstrations provide you with ideas, products and strategies to enhance your company’s knowledge base and bring your business to the next level.

  • See more through the demonstration pavilion and in-booth demos
  • Learn more through a comprehensive education program that features in-depth seminars in every major segment of the industry
  • Do more in hands-on workshops, which encourage student participation in a community-oriented makeover project
  • Experience more with the ample time for networking, including a welcome reception, dedicated show floor hours and an exclusive Happy Hour event with drinks and hors d’oeuvres hosted by Runyon Surface Prep Rental and Supply from 5-7pm at The Crown Plaza Hotel on Thursday evening right after the show.

About Runyon Surface Prep Rental & Supply

As a full service sales and rental facility located on the north side of Indianapolis – and only minutes away from the Concrete Décor Show – Runyon Surface Prep Rental and Supply is unique in that an entire division of the company is dedicated exclusively to servicing the surface prep industry. We not only offer rental equipment, but we stock consumables on the shelf, ready for your projects at a moment’s notice. You can pick up from our facility or we can ship all over the U.S., including same-day delivery via Southwest.

We partner with some of the biggest brands, including Ameripolish, CS Unitec, CTS Rapid Set, Ermator, HTC, Husqvarna, Metzger/McGuire, Prosoco and most recently, HP Spartacote, giving support at any level necessary in helping you get things done.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, supporting customers with expert knowledge, consultation on job sites and training on select equipment, giving you the project-ready techniques you need for prep, polishing or removal.

You’re Invited!

Join Runyon Surface Prep for Happy Hour from 5-7pm on Thursday, October 1 at the Grand Hall Bar of the Crown Plaza Hotel. Download your invitation here. And stop by booth #318 at the Show for a meet-and-greet with members of the Runyon Surface Prep team – we look forward to meeting you!