Repair Your Spalls to Achieve a Durable Concrete Fix

Repair Your Concrete SpallsIn addition to concrete floor joint repair measures, every day wear and tear on a concrete floor can cause the surface to chip and crumble. This effectively means your concrete surface breaks into small pieces that create pock marks, nooks and crannies, deterioration, etc. However, surface spalling can be repaired using these steps.

Tools & Equipment

Repair Materials

Step 1. Make cuts with blade or chip out section at outer edges of spalling with a chisel to at least ¾-inch deep, creating a vertical edge.

Step 2. Grind out or chisel any spots of the floor with the work area that are higher than the level of the edges. Vacuum, brush and wipe the area clean with a rag.

Step 3. Overfill the area with repair material and trowel smooth and slightly higher than the floor surface.

Step 4. Once repair material is cured, remove any overfill to create a smooth, flush surface by grinding with a high quality polishing pad.

Runyon Surface Prep carries a full line of Metzger/McGuire repair materials designed for use on industrial or retail concrete floors to repair cracks, surface spalls and pop-outs, as well as other defects that happen over time on concrete surfaces. Find Metzger products on our website and videos of them in action on our YouTube channel. Please be sure to reach out with questions via the comment section below or by contacting us.

*photo courtesy of Metzger/McGuire

One thought on “Repair Your Spalls to Achieve a Durable Concrete Fix

  1. Thanks for the tips! My spalls are starting to look appallingly damaged, so it seems like I should repair the concrete right away. I’ve never been the best at creating a smooth, polished surface when I’m working with concrete. What should I do to increase the smoothness and shine of my spalls? I want it to look as good as new after the repair material has cured.

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