[INFOGRAPHIC] Grinding & Polishing RapidSet TRU with HTC Floor Systems

After last week’s training class with HTC Floor Systems, it only seemed fitting to create an infographic that outlines how to aptly use an HTC floor grinder and diamond tooling in conjunction with CTS RapidSet’s TRU self-leveling overlay. The below image aims to put this process in an easily understood form, one that flows and encompasses every element of the process. It is important to note why an overlay is preferred over simply polishing (in some instances) and how this effects which tooling is used, which grinder would work best, etc.

HTC Grinding & Polishing TRU

This visual guide provides a clearer explanation of how CTS RapidSet’s TRU and HTC’s grinders and tooling work well to grind and polish a concrete floor. However, please contact us with further questions or visit our website if you’re interested in purchasing any of the featured products.


[Infographic] How to Grind and Polish TRU with Husqvarna

With the Husqvarna training class starting tomorrow, it seemed fitting to create something representative of what the attendees may want to know more about. This infographic aims to do just that – explain the process of using Husqvarna diamond tooling when grinding and polishing CTS RapidSet TRU. On its own, these steps are fairly robust, but the following visual representation breaks it down into digestible sections. Please use this as a guide for your Husqvarna grinding and polishing applications, and if you have more questions after glancing over it, feel free to contact an expert for more info. And as always, leave us a comment or question below if you like!Husqvarna Grinding TRU

5 Simple Steps to Ensure Stain-Free Concrete Floors

After the precise and arduous process of polishing and grinding your concrete floors to perfection, the final step is to preserve them with a strong and long-lasting stain resistor. Without applying some type of protection, foot traffic and liquids such as oil, vinegar or water could potentially ruin the polished finish. This extra step in the process is incredibly simple, but yields immense benefits.

The SR2 by Ameripolish

A relatively new and innovative stain resistor on the market is produced by Ameripolish – the SR2. This product is revolutionary in that it offers better protection and better resistance to stains than other protectors on the market because it penetrates the surface of the concrete (not like topical protectors that sit on the surface and wear off with foot traffic). The SR2 also eliminates the need for burnishing, which means one less step. Not to mention, the SR2 has more of a natural finish – it gives the truest representation of what polished concrete actually is.

This product effectively covers 1500 to 2500 square feet per gallon and it lasts up to 3 years. The steps are easy to execute and take little to no time. The following video from the October 1st and 2nd Training Seminar demonstrates how to apply SR2 and why it is such a successful resistor.

The Process:

  1. Apply the product using a microfiber pad or an acetone-based pump sprayer
  2. Be sure you use long, even strips to ensure maximum floor coverageAmeripolish SR2
  3. After the floor dries completely, apply the second application (unless it is a tight slab)
  4. Then wait 48 hours and the floor should be apt to repel oil, vinegar and water
  5. If light reflection is an issue, you can go back over the floor with maintenance pads

And that is really all there is to it! The SR2 product application is simple, yet highly beneficial. And for further testament to this product, an expert in the industry, Nick Dancer of Dancer Concrete, says “Based on my test on a sample board the SR2 out performed 3 other popular stain guards. This test was based on using the SR2 and the other stain guards without the use of any densifier. These were used as standalone products on bare concrete.  I also noticed there was no streaking or cloudiness that you may get with traditional stain guards.”

If you would like to learn more about the SR2 stain resistor, or would like to purchase it, please visit the product page here. And as always, our sales reps are more than happy to answer any questions you may have, so call us for further details!