What Everyone Ought to Know About Training Classes

A lot of people learn by seeing, and in essence, doing. Demonstrations showing how to use a product or complete an application are really useful. In fact, having a hands-on experience may be a crucial first step in deciding which surface prep machine, sealant, color overlay, etc. to buy. An effective way to get this type of exposure is via training classes, which are easily accessible in this industry.

Training Class DemoBenefits of Training Classes

There are many benefits of training classes, things to consider prior to buying a complex piece of flooring equipment or attempting to prep, polish or grind a floor. Most training classes focus on a particular brand, application or product category, which allows you to choose a specific class relevant to what you want to learn more about. Now let’s explore the advantages:

  • Saves you money: before investing a great deal and potentially damaging your floors from incorrect application, you can learn the proper way to grind, polish, mix integrally, etc.
  • Allows you to see a machine or process in action: you can witness with your own eyes the correct way to use a product, which means you can then mimic it
  • Teaches you a new application: you may learn additional information, extra to what you intended, which could potentially open up more business or opportunity
  • Improves productivity and quality standards: you can expand your knowledge of surface preparation and improve upon your existing skill level
  • See what new products are available: stay up-to-date on new industry trends/products and then familiarize yourself with them during a seminar
  • Expert advice from suppliers and manufacturers: get one-on-one face-time with professionals, which can be a great time to ask questions

Your Checklist: What to Expect or Look For in a Training Class

Before you determine which class to attend, you want to be sure it will answer all your questions and have the quality content you need to expand your knowledge base. It’s not worth your time, or money, if it is unorganized and poorly structured. So do your research! Here are a few things to look for in a class:Training Class Presentation

  1. Using the equipment – actual demos with the tools, machines, products
  2. A detailed explanation and walk-through of the application process – it really helps to hear and see all the steps
  3. Best practices – the right way to handle your machine, apply an overlay, grind a particular type of concrete, etc.
  4. Common mistakes to avoid – you want to know what actions or issues to NOT do, and experts will have a good insight into this
  5. Product benefits – if a new product or brand is the primary focus, then you should get an overview of the advantages i.e. what problems it solves

Once you know which area of surface prep you need a refresher or crash course on, there are several resources for finding a training class that aligns. Concrete Decor Magazine does a great job of listing industry classes all over the U.S. and you can find the complete list here. Also, you can check out our upcoming training classes, featuring the following manufacturers: Husqvarna, HTC Flooring, CTS RapidSet and Ameripolish and Metzger/McGuire.


HIPPO Mixers: Blend and Pour Self-Leveling Compounds to Perfection

Mixing and placing construction compounds can be physically exhausting, time consuming and costly without the proper tools. Why exert more effort and energy into a task that is already rather involved? Portable mixers can easily solve this problem, and the HIPPO mixer from CS Unitec is one of the best on the market. Mixing and pouring cement, grout, mortar, texture coatings, sealants, adhesives and other self-leveling compounds are convenient and simple with a HIPPO mixer. However, if this name is entirely new to you, and you are seriously wondering why it is called “HIPPO,” then take a look at this demo video from CS Unitec for a better glimpse.

Blending Application

With the mixing and application of self-leveling compounds you first create a proper consistency, which in a traditional bucket or wheelbarrow for example, is rather more difficult than using a specific mixing machine, namely a HIPPO. And in order to aptly complete this process, the HIPPO has the following attachments:

  • Mixing paddles effectively and consistently mix due to the helix ribbon design.
  • HIPPO liners fit easily into the bucket and save both time and extend the life of a HIPPO mixer. The liners are removable, rimless and pliable. It is recommended that they are alternated to avoid cross contamination and preserve the working life.
  • In addition, this unique mixer has a variety of pneumatic-powered motors available.

Pouring Application

However, not only does the HIPPO mixer accomplish the mixing step, but its “Easy-roll Trolley” and “Easy-tilt Cradle” allow you to pour and spread material simultaneously. You probably noticed this in the video. Additionally, the HIPPO’s caster wheels (or tires, depending on the model) keep the machine free of splatter and level with the floor.

The HIPPO mixer from CS Unitec is the innovative solution for blending and pouring, fulfilling an ever-present trend to lower costs, increase efficiency and save time. This machine is ideal for rugged building sites, with a streamlined design, perfectly suited for one man operation. If you are interested in purchasing a HIPPO mixer, then please visit our product page for more information. And, check out our current HIPPO sale for special pricing. Or, to see more product demonstrations, visit the CS Unitec YouTube channel.

[Latest and Greatest:] Free Up Your Hands with a RACATAC

Kneeling and bending are constant movements typical of working with flooring, and concrete especially. Getting up and down so much really takes a toll on your body and eliminates efficiency. So why not consider a tool to help make your work easier and less physically exhausting?  The RACATAC cart roller with chest support allows you to do just that – free up both hands! As you use the RACATAC, you will find that by being supported in a kneeling position, and only having to swivel your knees to move, you eliminate wear and tear.

RACATACModel 01RAC3CS is 1″ higher off of the floor and allows your easier and quicker movement when you are in a kneeling or sitting position. This model is ideal if you need to move rather quickly in a lateral position, using it mostly on rough surfaces, or if you have large feet or long legs, or work mostly kneeling and sitting. Both the seat and chest support different angles, different heights, and slide on a rail front to back. This allows you to use both hands in different working positions while your back and knees are fully supported, and you can control your movement with your feet and toes. The support is made of comfortable dual density foam which connects and disconnects quickly.

Key Features of the RACATAC:

  • Adjustable seat – provides upper body support
  • Knee-pads allow your knees to rest and move freely
  • 3″ casters – roll and move instead of crawling or bouncing
  • Tool tray provides a place to keep necessities while rolling

Now you may wonder which applications the RACATAC can specifically be used for, and the answer is far-reaching. This cart roller is ideal for detailing, grinding, tiling, restoration, painting and autobody. Not to mention, this is such a new product and the first of its kind, which is why the appeal is so great. Why allow your job to be more difficult than it needs to be? Consider purchasing your first RACATAC – you can see the product page here. And, until Sept. 30th you can enter for a chance to win a FREE RACATAC! If this prospect makes you really excited, enter here.

INTRODUCING: The CTS RapidSet Porcupine Roller

Properly leveling and evenly coating flooring often requires great precision and detail. However, a smooth, flat surface is the desired end result, so achieving this is essential.

Well…a new industry product revolutionizes this process, by providing the simple design and functionality needed to achieve a perfect finish. So, if you need proper floor coating adhesion, achieve it with porcupine rollers from CTS RapidSet. These spiked rollers are designed to be used on freshly applied floor coatings for the purpose of releasing trapped gas, as well as, to assist in the leveling process of several varieties of floor coatings. These rollers are meant to be used over and over, and they are designed for easy cleaning. Each roller is made of stainless steel spikes, each 1-1/4″ long, and the roller itself has a 24″ width for wide coverage.

A synopsis of major benefits include:Porcupine Roller

  • Sleek, stainless steel design
  • Ideal for freshly applied floor coatings
  • Releases trapped gas in newly applied floor coatings
  • Assists in the leveling process of several varieties of coatings
  • Can be used over and over
  • Designed for easy cleaning
  • 1-1/4” durable, steel spikes

This product is extremely new, thus in the beginning stage within the market. Runyon Surface Prep is a premier distributor – one of the few authorized to sell it. If you are interested in this product, or would like to learn more, please visit the webpage here or contact wendy@runyonsurfaceprep.com. And, we will be at the upcoming International Concrete Polishing and Staining Conference (ICPSC) Sept. 12-15 selling these porcupine rollers, so visit our booth!