[VIDEO] Keep Your Polished Floors Looking Shiny and New

Did you just finish a beautiful polished floor? How will your customer maintain this new floor? Polished concrete is known for its low maintenance and abrasion resistance. However, maintaining a polished floor does require special care to sustain its glossy appearance and prevent premature shine deterioration. Even the most durable finish requires proper maintenance.

This video will explain how your floors can retain their glossy brilliance in three easy steps:

  1. Restore: remove any existing sealers and coatings
  2. Protect: apply protectors and densifiers
  3. Maintain: rejuvenate and polish your floors to perfection

Are you not sure what cleaning products to use? The Runyon Surface Prep team’s expertise is abundant, with years of experience under their belts. They would love to be a resource and recommend the proper products for your customer’s facility. Request a custom poster here to see recommended products for keeping your flooring looking fabulous. Keep in mind, implementing a maintenance program is the best way to protect your investment!



3 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Keep Your Polished Floors Looking Shiny and New

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